Blue Aussie Pet Services - A House is not a Home Without a Pet
Walking Rates 

  • Group Walks - Forty five minutes on a trail
25/walk per dog
35/walk for two dogs in the same home
  • Individual Walks - Thirty minutes around your neighborhood
30/walk per dog
45/walk for two dogs in the same home
Overnights/Day Care/Vacation Visits 

Daycare - In my home

  • Overnights - No cage (crates are okay) boarding. 
50/night per dog

  • Vacation Visits - Feed pets, clean litter boxes, take in/out the garbage, water plants, etc. 
25/day - once a day
40/day - twice a day  

Call or text 
Aleta @ 415.323.8349 for walks
Jasmine @ 415.871.9814 for boarding

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